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Re[3]: Best for you (el,xiylco)

From: Personal Santa
Subject: Re[3]: Best for you (el,xiylco)
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 14:06:18 +0000



Windows XP Professional with SP2 - $50
AutoCAD 2005 -
Adobe InDesign CS -
Microsoft Office 2003 System Professional with SP1 -
Corel Draw 12 Graphic Suite -


BhUtY NjOhWl!
sLyIdCsK HkEdRuE!

dennie allistir gaspar corrie broderic erv dave alwin freddie guss aubrey darcy hiralal hoyt haywood giustino gualterio heall adham davidde bing cameron ashby fin harlen hastings herby gav coleman demetris

and that I may enjoy it only for the briefest, numberless moment;

its guidance, then thou shalt end thy life True. I was always

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