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Re: Investment Cooperation.

From: Ahmed El Alsaadi
Subject: Re: Investment Cooperation.
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 08:25:19 +0100

Greetings and compliments. 

Re: Investment Cooperation. 

I write to introduce some business venture to you which I believe would be 
profitable to you if the necessary understanding is achieved. 

I am a business development specialist, and I represent some investors who want 
to go into the business of purchasing materials in your country, for further 
export in Asia. We therefore would need a partner in your region who would 
guide us through the necessary markets, and provide the price quotes. 

I would therefore like to know if you would be interested in a partnership with 
us, under the following terms: 

1. The start-up capital amounts to Twenty Five Million American Dollars. 

2. The start-up amount is in cash and must be transferred in this same state. 

3. You shall be paid a commission of ten percent of the start-up amount as soon 
as we are able to establish a proper partnership and relationship with you. 

4. The investors require for there personality and the investment to be 
handled professionally and confidentially. 

My request thus is for you to cooperate with me in the establishment of a 
corporation in your country, through which the venture would be established. 

Let me know if you would be able to cooperate with me in this manner. 

I anticipate your response. 

Yours Sincerely. 

Ahmed El Alsaadi. 
Kosine Real Estate Company.

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