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Year 2000 compliance, and other issues

From: Douglas Moyes
Subject: Year 2000 compliance, and other issues
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 20:42:41 -0800

This relates to groff 1.18.1

The yr register stores dates at <current year>-1900, this results in 100
being added to what should be a two digit year.

When generating a Postscript document, the first lines of the page will
not display if they are not moved down 1 inch from the top of the
page.  The missing text will display if GhostView is told to use a 10x14
size page, rather than a letter sized page.  This problem persists even
if the page size is given explicitly with the .pg and .ll

Earlier versions of groff did not indent the text on the page by one
inch when formatting as a postscript document, current versions do.
This messes up formatting of earlier documents which assume precise
positioning of text on the page.  Many documents already have margins
coded and don't need an additional spacing. Other documents need
to use as much of the page width as possible, and the 1 inch indent
will force the figure off the page (these were forms and cut-out
templates I created).

Douglas Moyes <address@hidden>
Douglas Moyes <address@hidden>

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