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From: musa_abubarka
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 18:10:30 +0100


Director, Audit and Accounting Unit,
Foreign Remittance Dept.
West Africa,Paim Grovie Maison,
Akpakpa Cotonou,Republique du Benin

ATTN:Dear Friend,
Greetings to you,

This letter must come to you as a big surprise, but I believe it is only
a day that people meet and become great friends and business partners. My
name is Mr.MUSA ABUBARKA,the present Director, Audit and Accounting Unit
Foreign Remittance Dept BOA Bank here in Benin Republic West Africa.

I write you this proposal in good faith, believing that I can trust you
with the information I am about to reveal to you. Like I said, I have 
thatwill benefit both of us, as your assistance is required as a foreigner.I
use to head the Accounts department in my bank head office, but last December
I was asked to take position of a Manager of our branch in Cotonou who passed
on,so that was how I became the present Manager and discovered a fortune.

As I resumed duty, I discovered an account with total sum of $25
million that has not been operated on for the past 4 years.From my 
found out that this account belongs to one Late Mr. Ziya Bazhayev a Russian
big time Oil dealer, who unfortunately losthis life in the Yak-40jetliner
on March 9,2000.

You will read more news about the crash on visiting these site;
and http://news.1chinastar.com/ll/english/61934.shtml.

I have kept a close monitoring of the account since then and nobody has
come forward to claim the money as next of kin to the late Mr. Ziya Bazhayev
meaning that no one is aware of the account. I cannot directly take out
this money without the help of a foreigner and that is why I am contacting
you for an assistance to claim the funds and share it with me.

As the Manager of my bank branch, I have the power to influence the release
of the funds to any foreigner that comes up as the next of kin to the 
the correct information concerning the account, which I shall give you.

I am seeking your co -operation to present you as the next of kin to the
account.There is practically no risk involved, the transaction will be executed
under alegitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law.If
you accept to work with me, I want you to state how you wish us to share

the funds in percentage,so that both parties will be satisfied.
Contact me as soon as you receive this message if you feel we can 
as to give you more details.Thanking you in advance and may you be 
with utmost confidentiality.I wait your urgent response.Note: For further
information contact me through this email address address@hidden

Best Regards,

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