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pdfmark.tmac conflict with -mm

From: Nick Stoughton
Subject: pdfmark.tmac conflict with -mm
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 14:58:43 -0700

The new pdfmark.tmac macros (thanks for these!!!) have a string LB:

> .\" Getting line breaks into the text of a PDFNOTE is tricky -- we need
> .\" to get a "\n" into the PostScript stream, but three levels of "\" are
> .\" swallowed, when we invoke "pdfnote".  The following definition of "LB",
> .\" (for LineBreak), is rather ugly, but does allow us to use
> .\"
> .\"    .pdfnote  Some text.\*[LB]Some more text, on a new line.
> .\"
> .ds LB \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n

This conflicts with mm's macro LB that is used internally to begin a
list. I worked around this by renaming the pdfmark LB to PDFLB, but it
would be worth fixing this before it is officially released. Patch
Nick Stoughton      USENIX/FSG Standards Liaison
address@hidden     (510) 388 1413

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