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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 20:59:47 +0200

Dear Friend,

It is with a heart of hope that I write to seek your help in the context below. 
My name is Mr. Tony Morgan, an indigene of Liberia but reside here in Europe. I 
am inspired to seek your co-operation in this regard.
Based on trust and because I reside in Europe, my father in-law, Mr. Peter 
Chingoka, gave me a mandate to source for a viable business venture where he 
can invest funds of approximately USD20.5M.

He was a member of the tournament Policy Committee responsible for planning the 
ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP, which took place in South Africa from 8th Feb. -23rd 
march 2003. In the course of carrying out his duties
as the Chairman of the above committee, he over-inflated the contract sum to 
the tune of USD$20.5 Million.

 He initially kept this money in a safe deposit Bureau in Zimbabwe under a 
personal identification number (PIN) to eradicate trace of the deposit to him. 
Under the present administration, civil servants such as my in- law are not in 
any position to amass wealth. To eliminate this, the democratic government set 
up a panel of inquiry to probe the financial activities of a government 
official that is suspected for misappropriation of funds and the mandated 
decision to seize all his assets and face a twenty-one year jail term.

Based on this law and to avoid complications, the funds were later moved 
through the help of his proxy at the deposit bureau to their affiliate in 
Europe where it is kept as a deposit. By virtue of his job as a civil servant, 
he is poorly paid and cannot defend the source of this fund. To avoid such, he 
prefers to remain anonymous during the execution of this project.
That is why I am representing him.

 Please, treat this letter with absolute confidentiality. I have made all 
necessary enquiries to conclude the transaction but I do not have the 
credibility as a foreigner to actualize it. It is on this premise therefore, 
that your assistance is required, to claim and invest the funds in a joint
venture partnership business on behalf of my in-law. My in-law has agreed to 
compensate your sincere and candid effort in this regard with 10% of the funds 
when finally received in your local bank account, 5%
for any expenses incurred and invest the outstanding into a joint venture 
business partnership that would be under your direct management. I have 
completed the legal framework required to appoint you as a Trustee
to my In-law, so that you can claim and invest the funds on his behalf. I look 
forward to your response.

Tony Morgan

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