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Be a monster at St.Valentine day =)

From: Rose liu
Subject: Be a monster at St.Valentine day =)
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006 10:17:52 +0000

Do You hvae enuogh poewr to provdie yuor parnter hgih qulaity SEX on 
S.tValentine dya?
Get a MONTSER powre, notihng can brnig yuor ererction down!
hSow yuor patrner the PWOER of yuor LVOE and she wlil alwyas reemmber You.
ove wlil ALAWYS be assoicated wtih YUO!

Your odrer wlil be PIRVATE, nboody wlil konw waht You use.
ollow tihs lnik and get SPECAIL DISOCUNT for taht peirod: 

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