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Re: groffer from doesn't compile

From: Matthew Burgess
Subject: Re: groffer from doesn't compile
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 22:47:40 +0100
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Werner LEMBERG wrote:
Unfortunately, due to the way Linux From Scratch bootstraps, we get the following output from configure, meaning I can't immediately test the generation of the docs:

checking for pnmcut... missing
checking for pnmcrop... missing
checking for pnmtopng... missing
checking for gs... missing
checking for psselect... missing
configure: WARNING:

Since one or more of the above five programs can't be found in the path,
the HTML backend of groff (grohtml) won't work properly.  Consequently,
no documentation in HTML format is built and installed.

Well, these messages don't affect the grn test document...  Just say
`make' :-)

Werner, I'll admit to being slightly confused here! When do you experience the crash? Is it when 'grn' is being compiled during a standard `make' run? Or is it when 'grn' is being used to produce documentation files? If it's the former, I can confirm that gcc-4.1.1 and glibc-2.5 are not affected by the same problem; `grn' is built and installed fine here. If it's the latter, as I said before, I can't trigger the bug at the moment due to a lack of dependencies being installed.



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