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RE: vertical centering of text in tbl rows

From: Y T
Subject: RE: vertical centering of text in tbl rows
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 01:52:06 -0800

>> Using old AT&T tbl/troff, the text is properly vertically centered.
> I can't believe that. Actually, if this is really the case then there
> is a bug somewhere in AT&T, since all three calls to `.vs' in file2
> move vertically by a fixed amount which is completely independent of
> the actual dimensions of the glyphs in string `GOO'.

With the AT&T troff I have, (((GOO))) is NOT vertically centered
but GOO is.
The end result is that tables that have numbers look fine
with AT&T troff but look bad with groff (since numbers are
like GOO, not like (((GOO))) ).

So what would be the way to get numbers to be properly
vertically centered with groff?
Tables like my file1 are very common.


You are right about my file2 example.
What I should have sent is:
----- file2 -----
.ps 12
.vs 14
.sp 1i
.po 1i
.vs 14
.nr 3g \n(.v
.vs \n(.vu-\n(.sp
.vs \n(3gu
.vs \n(.vu-\n(.sp
----- end of file2 ------------
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