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groff lp4 post processor problems

From: michael lindenmeyer
Subject: groff lp4 post processor problems
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 13:38:31 -0600
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In my recent attempts to use groff 1.20.1 and the lj4 post processor, I have encountered a number of instances where certain character pairs (ff, fi, fl, ') are passed on to the hp printer as escape sequences that print as (1/2,¡,«, Æ). I discovered that (ff, fi, fl) are actually transferred to the printer as escape sequences, (\xab, \xad, \xae) and suspect a similar code for '. This leads me to believe that the lp4 post processor may have a problem. Can someone explore this and provide a solution?

Michael E. Lindenmeyer

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