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man displays φ (u03C6) as ϕ (u03D5)

From: Alkis Georgopoulos
Subject: man displays φ (u03C6) as ϕ (u03D5)
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 15:25:18 +0300
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Hi, while trying to view a Greek man page, for example:
I noticed that the Greek small letter Phi (u03C6) was displayed as Greek Phi symbol (u03D5) instead, e.g. like this:
"που εμϕανίζονται στο αρχείο για να συμπεριληϕθούν"
instead of this:
"που εμφανίζονται στο αρχείο για να συμπεριληφθούν".

I reported the bug at my distro bug tracker,

and there I was pointed at the http://manpages.ubuntu.com/groff_char man page, where it mentions some special handling around phi:
"Greek glyphs
These glyphs are intended  for  technical  use,  not  for  real  Greek;

As I undertand it, the problem was in the Unicode standard itself before version 3, and groff was being conservative in order not to break existing documents.

Since 13 years have passed from Unicode 3, maybe it's time to assume the correct mapping for phi, in order for Greek man pages to display correctly?

Thank you, please Cc me as I'm not in the list.
Alkis Georgopoulos

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