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un-matched .ie in mm macros (patch)

From: Jim Avera
Subject: un-matched .ie in mm macros (patch)
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 22:35:05 -0800
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The mm macros contain a couple of cases of .ie without a matching .el

This somehow triggers irrational groff behavior later, for example,
occasionally executing both branches of .ie/.el (the exact circumstances
are unstable, but may depend on macro nesting depth).

Anyway, I had some "impossible" execution paths which started
working normally after fixing these bugs in mm.

Below, and attached, is a patch against contrib/mm/m.tmac revision 2.53


--- contrib/mm/m.tmac.ORIG      2013-02-27 23:40:03.768415121 -0800
+++ contrib/mm/m.tmac   2013-02-28 22:16:57.654569076 -0800
@@ -2015,7 +2015,7 @@
 .if \\n[D]>2 .tm set format=\\n[ds*format]
 .\" fill or not to fill, that is the...
 .nr ds*fill 0
-.ie \\n[.$]>1 \{\
+.if \\n[.$]>1 \{\
 .      ie r ds*fill!\\$2 .nr ds*fill \\n[ds*fill!\\$2]
 .      el address@hidden "\\*[ds*type]:wrong fill:\\$2"
@@ -2197,7 +2197,7 @@
 .if \\n[li*type]=5 .ds li*c-mark <\\n[li*cnt!\\n[li*lvl]]>
 .if \\n[li*type]=6 .ds li*c-mark {\\n[li*cnt!\\n[li*lvl]]}
 .if \\n[.$]=1 .ds li*c-mark \\$1
-.ie \\n[.$]=2 \{\
+.if \\n[.$]=2 \{\
 .      ie (\\$2=2):(\\n[Limsp]=0) .ds li*c-mark \\$1\\*[li*c-mark]
 .      el .ds li*c-mark \\$1\ \\*[li*c-mark]

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