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groff: Support for new ppc64le arch.

From: Chandan
Subject: groff: Support for new ppc64le arch.
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 12:19:41 +0530


We are adding support for new ppc64le (IBM powerPC Little Endian)
architecture as part of which we are looking at all the packages that
need update.
I was looking at groff(taken from cvs repo) and was failed to build
groff on ppc64le machine because of outdated config.guess.

Latest config.guess with ppc64le support is available at :

Would it be possible for you to spin up a newer version of "groff" with
latest config.guess ?
Alternatively, if you want us to send a patch to config.guess, we can do
so too.

I can help to validate the new release tarball of the "groff" works well
by compiling on ppc64le machine.

I am also attaching the Bug detail in your suggested BUG-REPORT format
in a file named "groff-BUG-Report".

Appreciate your response.


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