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Re: URW font support

From: Krzysztof Żelechowski
Subject: Re: URW font support
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2013 13:37:58 +0100
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The aliases are required by your generate/Makefile, I cannot change them without patching. I also suppose they are invented by Adobe for MS-DOS so I would rather leave them as they are. For the time being, the only documentation is in the spec file; I do not intend to explain it to the user it because my intention is to override your font/devps system-wide (by setting GROFF_FONT_PATH). Maybe some README.SUSE would be appropriate if the change is accepted. I would like you to transform the build script of groff to also create and install font/gs/devps using the steps that I explicitly scripted or similar ones. I can help you with that but only if you consider it worth while. Note that my scripts are in bash which is good for SUSE but need not work elsewhere.

Użytkownik Werner LEMBERG napisał:
Nice!  Just looking at it I wonder whether in `gsalias.txt' you can do


to get more `organic' abbreviations.

A device to use Ghostscript fonts with troff output, useful for
locale other than ISO Latin1; installs as
/usr/share/groff/current/font/gs/devps.  It replaces all standard
fonts, so you cannot use the default fonts at the same time.
Shouldn't this be documented somewhere?

Please review (of course, the build should migrate to a makefile if
accepted) and consider for inclusion.
It's not clear to me how this should be included.  Please elaborate.


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