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[bug #44768] gdiffmk(1) is not Solaris 10 /bin/sh compatible - PATCH pro

From: Peter Bray
Subject: [bug #44768] gdiffmk(1) is not Solaris 10 /bin/sh compatible - PATCH provided
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 06:29:58 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #9, bug #44768 (project groff):

> 0. ego-less programming is nice, but a piece of software *needs* an author.
> Whom shall I contact in case of difficulties?

I agree to a point, I still think Michael is the Author.
The author of fixes (minor or portability), are a lot like "copy editors" or
"book editors", sure we make the product better, but we are not the one doing
the hard initial work of authoring. Michael and my writing styles are quite
different ;-) Its Michael's work, I'm just trying to help others enjoy it. 

> 0. The FSF is not (yet) able to properly handle patches that are put into
> public domain – does this exist at all in the Australian jurisdiction? 
> simply have to wait until your papers are signed, sent back, and processed
> the FSF, which certainly takes a few weeks.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Unknown, IANAL. Weeks is an electronic age - so sad, the law just has not
moved with the times, but than that is always the case.

Very interesting point about public domain. I was just of the assumption that
if a modify a work, and give that work back to author and expressly state they
do not have to acknowledge my efforts and may claim the work as their own,
should they see fit, that would suffice, but the law is an ...! (you read that
as "another matter entirely" I'm sure) ;-)

Lets hope they accepted scanned signed copies at least, and are not going to
make be sign something longer than "War and Peace" ;-)

> 0. The canonical reference for sh compatibility issues the automake manual.
> See

Yes a very good reference which I came across again only recently. 



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