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[bug #48904] Hyphenation patterns of type '.a[135]' do not work

From: Bjarni Ingi Gislason
Subject: [bug #48904] Hyphenation patterns of type '.a[135]' do not work
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2016 23:02:09 +0000 (UTC)
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #48904 (project groff):

  No, because

a) the file "sv.tmac" contains the '.hy 8' request

b) even if it did not, there is enough space to break the word 'ostra' at
'ost-ra' in the example.  If the line length is shortened to 19n there is no
  To achieve that a '.hw o-st-ra' request is needed.

c) and evidently a one-letter prefix is never hyphenated (except in a 'hw'
request), even with a valid pattern.

  Case 'c' is caused by a hard-coded case.  It is so in TEX (at least in the
original) and probably in the original "roff", as it is constructed for

  So the restriction 'no hyphenation of a one-letter prefix' should be
dropped (if a file with hyphenation patterns is used).

  Add a number to the 'hy' request to prohibit a hyphenation of a one-letter

  The "Heirloom-troff" has added the values 16 and 32 to _allow_ a
hyphenation of a one-letter suffix and prefix respectively, but that only
has an effect for explicit hyphenation marks according to the documentation
dated 17th September 2007.  These numbers should work with hyphenation
patterns and actually prohibit, not allow, some specific hyphenation, just
as the traditional numbers greater than one do.


  The value 8 for '.hy' in 'sv.tmac' is wrong as there exist hyphenation
patterns of the form '.xy[135]' in Swedish.

  There is also no explanation why a certain value is selected.

  It is not the right of the author of a global tmac-file to include a
specific value (his own preference) for 'hy' except 0 with an explanation.
Only the user should change that for himself, if he wants reduced


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