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groff 1.22.2 with m.tmac 2.53 macros problem

From: zumath
Subject: groff 1.22.2 with m.tmac 2.53 macros problem
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2017 17:56:28 -0400

I have some old documents/manuals that were originally formatted with the mm macros.  When I attempted to format them with the newer release groff 1.22.2 version of the m.tmac macros, m.tmac revision 2.53, there was a problem with the heading macros, namely

   .H 3 "Title"
    Following text...

resulted in Following text... overwriting the entire heading line, even when .nr Hs 2 and .nr Hb 2.  I.e. there is a problem when the text is to be on the same line as the heading number.  Somehow a bug has crept into the 2.53 m.tmac macros.

I've looked at the m.tmac macros, rev. 2.53, and it seems like .nr hd*htype 0 should have handled the problem, but somehow it doesn't -- even though it did in the previous versions of groff that I have used.

I finally located an older version of the m.tmac macros, version 2.24, on-line.  When I used the older version 2.24 m.tmac macros the document headings and following text formatted correctly.

Is there a newer version than m.tmac 2.53 that corrects the heading bug?


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