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Re: Issue with output format of "mom" macro document

From: Serge Baumer
Subject: Re: Issue with output format of "mom" macro document
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2018 23:25:21 +0200

Richard Ellis writes:
> groff version 1.22.3.
> I have a test 'mom' macro file formatted as below:
> .PT_SIZE 9.5
> .COLUMNS 2 0.25i
> The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
> Except that in the real file, the last line is repeated 249 times to
> create a longer output.
> When I render that file using this groff command line:
>     groff -mom -Tps test1.mom > test1.ps
> I get an output postscript file where the first page is typeset
> properly, but the second page has both columns of text typeset on top
> of each other, and both columns are in the column 2 position (right
> hand column) on the page.
> I also get the same result if I render to pdf.
> Did I overlook a critical 'mom' macro in my test input file, or did I
> discover a bug?

Hi, Richard. 

I've got all the output correct. Maybe your groff build doesn't have
upstream patches. The 1.22.3 version is the last official release (if I
understand correctly), and it's of 2014. Both groff and mom have
undergone many changes since then.

Best regards,
Serge Baumer

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