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[bug #52525] gropdf: Uninitialized variable "$fld"

From: Deri James
Subject: [bug #52525] gropdf: Uninitialized variable "$fld"
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2018 06:08:24 -0500 (EST)
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Follow-up Comment #3, bug #52525 (project groff):

Found it (with your help). The reason I could not replicate is because my
test.trf had an extra blank line on the end, if I remove the line then I get
the warning. Without the blank line there is actually no output from groff at
all passed to gropdf, it receives an empty file. You can see this if you run
with the -Z flag - no output is given. So this warning occurs if gropdf is
passed an empty file.

To fix this I have added:-

exit 0 if $lct==0;

At line 331. This seems to fix the problem. Of course, an empty pdf file is
produced, which is invalid, but if you include one blank line to the troff
input you get a valid pdf with a single blank page. The distinction seems
defensible, no input equals no output. In fact this is exactly what grops

I have promised Peter Schaffter to try to commit changes for his slides
addition to Mom by next Friday, so this fix will be included in that.




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