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Possible bug with utf8 encoded files, when sourced via .so

From: Paul Ito
Subject: Possible bug with utf8 encoded files, when sourced via .so
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 16:01:12 +0100

Very new to this list, so please be gentle.

I have the following issue:
I want to include a utf8-encoded file "text.txt" (with lots of german umlauts in my case) into a groff file "include.roff", that would then be processed with the -ms macro along with the -Kutf8 flag.
However, this does not seem to work properly, as all the fancy umlauts aren't recognized and get "butchered".

Having the same text and processing it directly works fine.
Am I missing something here, or is this a bug in the way, utf8 input is handled?

include.roff might look like this:
[fancy formatting, headings, etc here]
.so text.txt
where text.txt includes all the text that matters

the command I run is
groff -Tpdf -Kutf8 -ms include.roff > out.pdf
(with groff version 1.22.3 on ubuntu 18.10)


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