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[bug #61123] make macro package localization more robust

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: [bug #61123] make macro package localization more robust
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2021 01:47:59 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #61123 (project groff):

As part of this I want to expose the man(1) volume titles to translation as
well.  Structurally, comparing the an.tmac package to the other full-service
packages {e,m,om,s}.tmac, there is a clear disparity.

I wish to pre-acknowledge that Ingo thinks this is a bad idea, or did within
the past couple of years; his view is that man pages should not be translated,
because, IIRC, anyone with the technical competence to read Unix man pages
should have at least a moderate command of English.

That's policy, however, not mechanism, and distributors like Debian have
clearly made a different choice.  In fact, I think I can mine Debian's package
repository for translations of the trivial number of strings for which an.tmac
requires translation.

.  ds an-section "\\$2\"
.  ie (\\n[.$] > 4)    .ds an-extra3 "\\$5\"
.  el \{ .ie '\\$2'1'  .ds an-extra3 General Commands Manual\"
.  el \{ .ie '\\$2'2'  .ds an-extra3 System Calls Manual\"
.  el \{ .ie '\\$2'3'  .ds an-extra3 Library Functions Manual\"
.  el \{ .ie '\\$2'4'  .ds an-extra3 Kernel Interfaces Manual\"
.  el \{ .ie '\\$2'5'  .ds an-extra3 File Formats Manual\"
.  el \{ .ie '\\$2'6'  .ds an-extra3 Games Manual\"
.  el \{ .ie '\\$2'7'  .ds an-extra3 Miscellaneous Information Manual\"
.  el \{ .ie '\\$2'8'  .ds an-extra3 System Manager's Manual\"
.  el \{ .ie '\\$2'9'  .ds an-extra3 Kernel Developer's Manual\"
.  el                  .ds an-extra3 \" empty
.  \}\}\}\}\}\}\}\}\}

I don't propose to deal with mdoc at this time; it's a heavier lift.


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