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[bug #55107] PDFPIC: .psbb: support extraction of MediaBox from pdf file

From: Keith Marshall
Subject: [bug #55107] PDFPIC: .psbb: support extraction of MediaBox from pdf files
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2021 16:59:38 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #12, bug #55107 (project groff):


[comment #10 comment #10:]
> If you read the email referenced by Branden in comment #4
> You will see that I have answered your question, I apologise if
> you had difficulty understanding my answer regarding CropBox,
> I'm happy to try and explain it again, if needed.
Sorry, but I never saw that e-mail, and I certainly don't see an answer to my
question, or indeed any reference to CropBox, in what Branden quoted in
comment #4.  You confused me, when you omitted an appropriate link in comment
#3; I will look at the reference Branden suggested, when I have time.
> My proposal (D) was never intended to be a .pdfbb replacement (nor .psbb),
remember this ticket concerns problems with .PDFPIC
No, it doesn't ... it relates to an original suggestion, from four years ago,
to extend the functionality of the built-in psbb request, so that it could
return bounding box co-ordinates from single image PDF files, just as it
originally did for just EPS files, and so that an eventual implementation of
PDFPIC could avoid unsafe forks of third party tools, such as pdfinfo.
> If accusing someone on a public forum of holding you up by not answering
your question (when they have helpfully done so), is considered disgusting
language, perhaps we can be a bit less perl!
I accused you of nothing of the sort!  1) You are not holding me up in any
way, because this ticket is of only minor interest to me; I have plenty of
other tasks to occupy my time, and 2) it wasn't your apparent failure to
answer my question, (because I never saw your e-mail), that I considered to be
disgusting ... it is the perl language itself, to which I attribute that


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