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Re: Installation on RAID-only system

From: Molle Bestefich
Subject: Re: Installation on RAID-only system
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 21:21:23 -0800

> Perhaps it's time to try GRUB again. [...]
> Why hasn't it been done yet? [...]

Well, seems that GRUB has a nice workaround.
It allows you to choose which BIOS drive maps to which Linux drive - neat!

Still doesn't work though.  I'm getting errors :-/:

# Tell GRUB not to f... up, I hope.
$ sbin/grub --device-map=/dev/null

# Tell GRUB what BIOS 0x80 is.
grub> device (hd0) /dev/mapper/hpt37x_ehgjaggaf

# Tell GRUB on which partition (1st logical) to find it's files
grub> root (hd0,5)/boot
Attempt to open drive 0x80 (/dev/mapper/hpt37x_ehgjaggaf)

Error 18: Selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by BIOS.

# OK, that didn't work.  Try pointing GRUB to the partition itself.
grub> device (hd0,5) /dev/mapper/hpt37x_ehgjaggaf6

# Once again tell GRUB to find it's files under /boot on the reiser3.6
filesystem on that partition...
grub> root (hd0,5)/boot
Attempt to open drive 0x80 (/dev/mapper/hpt37x_ehgjaggaf6)

Error 5: Partition table invalid or corrupt


I can use "rootnoverify", but that just postpones the (same) error
messages to when the setup command is run.

What am I doing wrong?

I'm puzzled that GRUB looks for a partition table inside a logical
partition (notice the ".../hpt37x_ehgjaggaf_6_ part)?

Also puzzled by the cylinder message.  What is that supposed to mean? 
The linux partition resides from 20-40 GB on the RAID array, that
can't be too far off when using LBA?

For the record, neither parted nor fdisk can see anything wrong with
the partitioning on the "disk"..

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