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RE: grub 0.96 bug

From: Treutwein Bernhard
Subject: RE: grub 0.96 bug
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 14:22:41 +0100

> Hrm.  I can see that would work, now..
> Thanks for the tip, which renders my patch useless :-p.
> (Nah, the patch makes the stage2 simulator work with 
> device-mapped devices, so I guess it can still be used for 
> those... without a floppy disk?  Or on a remote terminal.. or 
> something :-).)

AFAIK, you can easily boot a floppy image (which you might
produce with mtools). You need memdisk (from the SYSLINUX
project) and an image of a floppy and the following entry
in your menu.lst:

kernel /boot/grub/memdisk
initrd /image.dsk

(you can find memdisk here: 
if you do not prefer to download the current version from
Peter Anvin site: http://syslinux.zytor.com/memdisk.php

image.dsk should be a bootable disk image.

   Bernhard Treutwein
   Bernhard Treutwein(at)verwaltung uni-muenchen de

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