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little patch

From: steven a
Subject: little patch
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 19:33:15 -0800 (PST)


I'm a long time fan of Grub (Mandrake was the first OS
I used it with
I think... Anyway, they adopted it before Redhat), and
recently have been
getting a bit more into C programming. It's great
loader. Currently I have 9
entries in my menu, with OS's including linux*3 ,
freebsd, beos, win98 and the
last entry being floppy.

 .. It always bugged me to have to move the cursor 8
entries down to select
floppy, so I made a patch against grub-0.96 which
allows you to move the cursor
*up* from the top entry and appear at the bottom. The
patch also handles the
case when there are larger than 12 entries, and they
have to be scrolled.

The only other feature I really miss is the ability to
chainload an atapi
cdrom drive. Is anyone working on this ?. I'm not a
really experienced
assembly/ioctl programmer, but if no-ones working on
this and it wouldn't
be too hard to implement, I might try to do this code.

Reguards, Steven Atkinson

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