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Modifying grub to run system on certain dates

From: Elazar Leibovich
Subject: Modifying grub to run system on certain dates
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 15:58:25 +0200

My plan is to devise a linux system that will normally boot to windows(say /dev/hda1), however once every X days it'll boot into linux restore the windows partition from a backup and will boot back to windows.
My problem is how to cause linux to boot only once. I thought of two approaches:
1) Modifying grub so that it'll be able to check the existance of a file in the linux partition. With this file I'll signal to grub linux has finished restoring the windows partition and it'll load once. Except I'll implement some date checking function so that linux would load once every X days. Instead of date checking I might consider making my linux system write every time it loads the next date it should be loaded.
Obviously this is the more relevant question here. Is it possible to patch grub  so that it'll load windows for the next X boot-times and then get back to windows? Can I patch grub so it'll load linux on certain dates (say every friday?)?
Please give me a some references, I've been programming with C for quite time.
[2) Building a kernel module that will enable me to load LILO even after loading linux. With a full blown linux system my problems are over.
Since I have no idea about the infrastructure of the linux kernel, the x86 machines or LILO, I have no idea which sollution is feasible. I'll be glad for any help. I'll need only pointers to the documentation availible.]
Please note it'll be an opensource (hopefully usefull) project, and also I'm willing to pay you a ridiculous amount of money for your small advice.
I'm having a vacation this week and I'm planning to do this in the vacation. So I'll appreciate a quick response.
Thanks Anyway.
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