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Re: blank display rather than menu

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: blank display rather than menu
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 19:15:47 +0200
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dave wrote:
I made a grub boot cd using the instructions in the gnu grub manual. when it makes the iso it changes the file names to 8 letter names so splash.xpm.gz becomes splash_x.gz argh. and menu.lst~ becomes menu0000.lst
It happens the same thing on my cd but it does not matter. Grub Cds work ok.
When it boots it will boot to the default xp partition or if you hit a key it will allow you to pick a menu item by arrow keys. But there is no display. You see only an under bar cursor in the upper left of the screen.

Is the screen blank because the splash image fails?
Yes. This is a bad design on splashimage implementation/patch on grub.
I've heard of it a lot of times. If the image is corrupt or is not
present... the screen becomes non-readable although the menu works at
the back.

What video mode is assumed on a vga system?
I do not know.
grub ver with linspire 5.0.59 i believe.
menu.lst =

# this file is edited, the
# system will stop modifying it.  To allow the system to resume
# management of this file, remove it and run /sbin/jiffyboot

color cyan/green magenta/green
Here's the problem.
Try with something like this:

Although if I were you I would put the image inside the cd and put
something like:

If you need a rescue grub cd and you do not want to complicate yourself
try Super Grub Disk ( http://adrian15.raulete.net/grub/ )


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