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Re: grub 0.97 does not boot

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: grub 0.97 does not boot
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 21:34:50 +0100
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W. Leben escribió:
I'm running SuSE 10.1 and want to install grub 0.97 in the MBR of disk hda. The installation routine of YaST2 finishes without an error, however, the system does not boot from harddisk aterwards.
Is there a logfile I can read to determine the cause of this behaviour?

There's no logfile for grub boot.
Maybe there should be a yast2 installation routine logfile but you say
that there was no error!

You can boot meanwhile trying to fix it with Super Grub Disk (
http://adrian15.raulete.net/grub/ )


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