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Re: Win2K Multi-Boot Rev 1.1

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: Win2K Multi-Boot Rev 1.1
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 21:35:45 +0100
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Web Clark (RR) escribió:
it is useful to
     "dd -if=/dev/zero of=zeros; rm zeros" to fill unused space

I did not know this useful trick. I would have used dd directly towards
the partition not to a file :) .

     At this point I detected that the ntldr file   is different
     in *many* places from a copy of ntldr that I saved six
     months ago.  This is especially disturbing because it came
     from the *same* Windows 2K install CD.  I would tend to
     say that this is not possible!  Yet it happened.  Both
     appear to work.  I have no explanation.

This means that NTLDR writes something to its own. Can you please me
send me (personally) various NTLDR files that should be the same one so
that I can "study" them?

              dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda bs=1 count=4 seek=440

I already told you in another email you can do this with SGD.

dd (cd)/boot/sgd/brs/all_zeroes.bin (hd0) 0 440 4

You can fetch stage* files from the cdrom and try to install it into
your hard disk to make some tests.

I suppose that means that the step where you boot linux and issue the dd
command can be avoided. Or am I wrong?

        To break Window's connection to a partition, hide that
        partition and clear the drive serial number using the
        clearSN routine given above.  This will cause Windows
        to invalidate everything it knows about that drive and
        to re-ennumerate the partitions on the next boot.  It
        will write a new S/N to the drive (Sort of like a dog
        peeing on a fire hydrant), tell you that it is installing
        new hardware, and want to reboot afterward.

Can't you compare with kompare program w2k system before and after this
re-enumerating so that we know where the hell does w2k write this S/N
drives / partitions asignations?

If you do not know how to compare two folders with kompare do not
hesitate to ask me personally.


        Configure grub to un-hide the Linux and Linux-swap
        partitions (The Linux boot partition is required to
        be unhidden by grub, I *assume* but have not tested
        that the other Linux paritions and the Linux-swap
        partition are required to be un-hidden by Linux),
TYPO: paritions should be partitions


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