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Re: SATA boot crash

From: Thomas Andrews
Subject: Re: SATA boot crash
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2006 21:12:53 +0200
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On Mon, Nov 06, 2006 at 07:41:39PM +0200, Vesa J??skel?inen wrote:

> Thomas Andrews wrote:

> >> I get garbage displayed as soon as either the MBR or stage 1 is loaded,
> >> and the machine crashes. I've just installed two brand new Western
> >> Digital WD3200YS disk in a (debian) RAID-1 configuration. I have an
> >> Intel PERL 2.8GHz motherboard.
> > 
> > I've proved that this is not a hardware incompatibility by installing
> > lilo, which works. I can only assume that grub does not (yet) support
> > the ICH5 Intel chipset for booting SATA disks. Can anyone confirm this?
> > Or should I be asking on the developers list ?
> I do have same motherboard and have no problems with it. I have used
> grub provided in OpenSuSE. Only difference seems to be that you are
> using RAID configuration and I am not and you have different brand of disks.

Thanks Vesa. I was using this PC no problem before with PATA disks. It
was when I changed to SATA that the problem occurred. Are you using SATA
disks ?


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