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Re: "Error 21" problem/user error with GRUB 0.97

From: Ian Kirk
Subject: Re: "Error 21" problem/user error with GRUB 0.97
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 10:55:38 +0100 (BST)

adrian15 wrote:

> Can you please get yourself a Super Grub Disk and tell us from Boot &
> Tools -> Boot Partition if Super Grub Disk sees one hard disk or two
> hard disks?

I shall have a go.. last time I tried SGD I didn't get very far, however
that is most likely user error :)

> My bet is that hd1 is the /dev/sda device and that hd0 is the /dev/sdb
> device.

Couple of notes:

Previous attempts I had installed to both drives, it was only after that
failed I switched to testing on a single pair.

I read on one of the GRUB pages that if you do (<tab> in GRUB it does
device auto-completion. However, the only drive it shows in the list
"(fd0)" .. Does this imply GRUB cannot find any other drives, even though
it managed to load stage1+stage2 (Which I managed to get working by
removing stage1.5).


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