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stage2_size.h reads incorrect value during generation

From: Marcus Andersson
Subject: stage2_size.h reads incorrect value during generation
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 23:49:44 +0200

The file "stage2/stage2_size.h" which is generated by lines 3205-3208 in the Makefile of stage2 directory:
stage2_size.h: pre_stage2
        -rm -f stage2_size.h
        set dummy `ls -l pre_stage2`; \
        echo "#define STAGE2_SIZE $$6" > stage2_size.h

In my case I am connected to an LDAP catalogue which has spaces in user and group names.  This is a general problem and will obviously occur whenever there are user- or group-names with more than one word.  Field setting fails since $$6 will reference something entirely different than the file size.  I suggest using 'du -b', although that may add dependence on a further external tool.

Best wishes,

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