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Re: GRUB /sbin/grub: Not found.

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: GRUB /sbin/grub: Not found.
Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2007 20:11:38 +0200
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rajesh choudhary escribió:
I want to install the GRUB boot loader to /boot partition which is mounted as
In rescue mode i am entering command like this:
*sh-2.05#* grub-install /dev/hda7
Then output is as follows:
*/sbin/grub:* Not found.
Kindly help me.
Thanking you.
Rajesh Kumar
Bokaro (INDIA)

I do not know why your system rescue does not find /sbin/grub file.
Maybe the file it is in /bin/grub and you only need to make a symbol
link name /sbin/grub that points to /bin/grub or maybe
/usr/local/bin/grub if you have compiled it yoursefl.

If you want to restore your grub to your boot partition you can do it from:

Super Grub Disk ( http://geocities.com/supergrubdisk/ )
Advanced -> Grub -> Restore Grub to Partition -> Choose the /boot
partition twice and you are done.


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