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Re: SATA drive

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: SATA drive
Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2007 17:14:00 +0200
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Jose Rodriguez escribió:
I've tried PCLinuxOs 2007 and Ubuntu and the both give me the same error.

The Master IDE HD has XP, I installed a second IDE disk and installed Ubuntu. However, I have a third Sata disk where I store all my music, pics, etc. I realized that because of the SATA disk I get the Grub Error 17 at stage 1.5.

When I boot from Live Cd, it recognizes all three disks, I can even navigate through them.
I see.
> The thing is that when I boot normally it gives
me "Grub Error 17".
File not found error.
> If I unplug the Sata disk it won't give me any
I see. This seems to be a hard drive numbering problem.
> besides the Bios that did not find any disk on the SATA port.
That's very normal :) .
It displays the options to boot either from my first HD (WinXP) or my second HD (Ubuntu) but the Sata disk has to be unplugged in order for the Grub to boot correctly, and obviously the disk won't be available on any of the OS.
It's obvious.

This error happens before the grub menu shows and of course I never get the menu, I restart the machine and same thing happens.
I see.

Some installers do not detect correctly the first hard disk (the one that bios sets to boot the first one) and so problems happen.

You should reinstall grub on the MBR.

I recommend you to use Super Grub Disk. Just use the Linux -> Fix Boot of Linux (GRUB) option. Select the partition whereUbuntu is and you are done. (With the SATA disk plugged in).

You might have then problems with menu.lst not booting your Ubuntu or even your Windows but at last you will see your menu.

After that happens you can edit your menu.lst (with a live cd) so that finding and replacing hd0 with hd1 and/or hd2 and viceversa fixes the problem.

I mean when you unplug your sata disk then:

hd0 : IDE1 HDD
hd1 : IDE2 HDD

and then when you plug it you have:

hd0 : IDE1 HDD
hd1 : SATA HDD
hd2 : IDE2 HDD


But now that I am thinking about this subject again there is one better way of solving it if your bios lets you. You should edit the Hard Disk Boot Order in your bios so that it says:

hd0 : IDE1 HDD
hd1 : IDE2 HDD
hd2 : SATA HDD

and no error 17 will appear and no grub re-installation will be needed.


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