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Re: stage1_5 is useful? - grub legacy

From: Oliver Schoett
Subject: Re: stage1_5 is useful? - grub legacy
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 14:42:13 +0200
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adrian15 wrote:

I have developed a new option (for grub legacy) that avoids stage1 to stage1_5 link so that only stage1 to stage2 link happens. Should I set up this option as the default option?

This avoids problems with some Windows (Vista) systems that insist in overwriting the sectors just after the MBR where stage1_5 resides.

Vista seems not to be the only cause of this problem: My grub hangs after displaying "loading stage 1.5", but it is installed in the reiserfs Linux partition, not the master boot record of the disk. I only transfer the 512 Byte boot block of the reiserfs partition into the Vista boot manager.

So it seems to me that the stage 1.5 also resides in the reiserfs partition, and it is not Vista that corrupts it.


Oliver Schoett

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