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Re: Where is a mailing list for GRUB usage?

From: ge4arond
Subject: Re: Where is a mailing list for GRUB usage?
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 16:38:26 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks for the  reply, adrian. What I want to do is to cause GRUB to load the
stored image of TrueCrypt's MBR and load it into the correct place in
memory. Since that would also contain a partition table, there would be no
hiding or unhiding necessary.

According to this article:
http://www.dewassoc.com/kbase/hard_drives/master_boot_record.htm both the
MBR, then the Volume boot record that any  boot manager directs the
processor to will load into the same memory location. To me that means tell
GRUB 'boot'. So even though it would be one step backwards, i.e.,
substituting another MBR for the MBR that got to GRUB, it should work. I'll
probably try it sometime in the next week.

This article talks about doing something just a little bit the same, making
a logical partition just for GRUB.


adrian15 adrian15 wrote:
> ge4arond escribió:
>> I have a fairly unique set of requirements, which may not be possible.
>> In fact, if GRUB can't read from a logical partition, then the idea is
>> moot.  
>> Anyway, lots of net searches have not turned up the answer, so I am
>> looking
>> here.
> With grub2 and grub legacy I do not know if bug-grub or help-grub is the 
> right mailing list.
> Grub can read from logical partitions.
> What are you interested to read in ?
> adrian15
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