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Gigabit PXE Boot via floppy?

From: Ken Mandelberg
Subject: Gigabit PXE Boot via floppy?
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 19:37:45 -0400
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We have a cluster of Dell Poweredge 1550's which has firmware set to first try to PXE boot from the internal 100mbit nic and failing that boot from the hard drive.

The PXE boot will succeed if the head node wants to rebuild it, otherwise it runs whats on the disk.

We have just added gigabit nics to the nodes which we want to use instead of the built in 100 mbit (no extra wiring). The problem is that the firmware can only PXE on the built in.

The nodes do have a floppy, and we could set the nodes to try floppy before hard drive.

Is there a version of grub that will run on floppy and PXE boot from the gigabit and failing that boot from the hard drive. I don't know much about the nics other than they work on Linux via the TC902X driver.

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