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Dual Boot System Problems!!!! AGAIN

From: Ken Rutledge
Subject: Dual Boot System Problems!!!! AGAIN
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2010 14:29:59 -0400

Multiboot System Boot Failure?

OK so I've had this problem before and never got resolution for it that I could work with and so here I am again with a Windows drive failure on a multiboot system that now renders ubuntu 9.10 un-useable also?

You'll have to pardon me for my candid opinion on this but just why in the world would someone write a linux OS boot loader that was DEPENDANT on WINDOWS to boot? With the boot loader acting this way, ubuntu is no better than the Windows OS it requires to boot?

I had a Windows xp drive fail yesterday and afterwards ubuntu will not boot either? I've done Google.com searches out they yeng-yang with references to "ubuntu live" CDs that are pretty much non-existent. All I can find is the regular install CD that is referenced here? I did find one site that had another "flavor" of ubuntu v10.04 that I downloaded but that one IS NOT 9.10 either and all the documentation I've read specifies ubuntu 9.10 "live"?

So since I can't find a simple solution to fix grub I now have a multiboot computer that I can't use without wiping out the ubuntu load that's on it and reinstalling and having to do a gazillion updates, reinstall add ons, etc?

So I need some help on how to configure grub to let ubuntu boot itself WITHOUT a Windowz XP drive in that box? And it would also be nice to have a way NOT to have grub depend on Windows to boot ubuntu!

Any help anyone? Oh, and please make it simple as I'm just not a command line person.



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