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Fail to reinstall my boot loader on Debian Testing

From: jerome moliere
Subject: Fail to reinstall my boot loader on Debian Testing
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2010 15:06:31 +0200

Hi ,
I'd like to have on my laptopĀ  a xen server running, so due to bugs in grub or debian (don't know) I read that I had to change from grub2 to grub-legacy...
I removed packages and installed grub-legacy, I made a MENU.LST file and tried to install the new loader..
But grub-install process burns 100% CPU for one core and never ends....
My machine is Dell Studio 15 with quad cores i920, debian testing (with different kernels standard kernel from Squeeze or sid one)

No logs at all (/var/log/syslog kern.log or whatever)
lsof or strace did 'nt give me much info... I guess that the communication using pipe conducts to a dead lock because few seconds after starting the operation strace show me nothing ....

Don't know if it's a bugg from 0.97 version of grub or a trouble with my Debian ?
I know that this installation put together components from different releases and is not very robust..

So I still have a result from grub2 runs as the main loader


I can suspect migration from grub2 to grub

Jerome Moliere - Mentor/J
auteur Eyrolles

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