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USB keyboard crashes

From: Jacobo Pantoja
Subject: USB keyboard crashes
Date: Sat, 1 May 2010 08:00:47 +0200


I have an ASUS A8N-E mobo, with the "USB Legacy Support" option in BIOS, but when enabled with a USB keyboard plugged, computer fails to start sometimes due to buggy BIOS, probably.

So I've tried disabling this option (and therefore using the keyboard as pure USB), but there is no way to get it working under Grub2.

By the way, is a Logitech Classic 200 keyboard, and I haven't another keyboard, neither USB nor PS/2, at the moment; when I've I'll do further testing).

First, note that I've used the Ubuntu 10.04 version of Grub2 (1.98-6) and the "official" Grub2 1.98 (not a snapshot, I'm not as advanced).

Second, here are the tests I've done:

With the USB Legacy Support DISABLED (thus being the keyboard purely USB)
- I've wrote in grub.cfg "insmod uhci ; insmod usb_keyboard ; terminal_input usb_keyboard". The computer restarts every time. Then I've deleted commands until no restarts, and I've noticed that loading uhci goes right, but loading usb_keyboard then leads to a restart.
- I've wrote in grub.cfg "insmod ohci ; insmod usb_keyboard ; terminal_input usb_keyboard". The computer hangs on starting.
With the USB Legacy Support ENABLED
- I've gone to GRUB console and typed lots of combinations.
- I can confirm that loading usb_keyboard without loading anything before leads to a restart.
- Loading usb_keyboard AFTER loading uhci is the same.
- Loading usb_keyboard AFTER loading OHCI does not restart the computer, but it stops responding. However, loading usb_keyboard throws the message "HID found", but the keyboard doesn't work and grub do not continue executing.

I've been looking GRUB2 more than a year ago, and I found that the real handicap nowadays is the lack of good documentation (maybe more work on the Wiki? that's my opinion). Anyway, thanks everybody for the effort in developing.

I hope this can be helpful. Best regards,

Jacobo Pantoja

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