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My DVD device goes wrong when grub2 is running, til I shut down my lapto

From: hotwave
Subject: My DVD device goes wrong when grub2 is running, til I shut down my laptop.
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2010 08:04:09 +0800 (CST)

My laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad Y710 - 2GB Ram - 250 GB HDD - OptiArc DVD-RW - 
Intel 4965agn wireless - Broadcom NetLink BCM5906M Fast Ethernet PCI Express - 
Lenovo EasyCam - Intel HD Audio (ALC888).

It was preinstalled windows vista . Early, I replaced vista by win xp . Before 
long , I try to install ubuntu 8.04 beside windows xp , and I can switch either 
OS I want in grub(legacy) when I power on my laptop . Till then ,everything 
runs well.

But one day , I update grub to grub2 . After reboot , when grub2 start , the 
LED of DVD device kept light, til I shut down my laptop or eject DVD device( 
that's odd) . Even worse that neither winxp nor linux could detect my DVD 
device whenever ejected or not .

This problem harass me more than one year , and no update fix it.

I try to follow Vladimir φ- coder/phcoder Serbinenko's advice to load blank 
core.img(I learnt about blank core for 2 weeks), but it was not fixd
Today I rollback to grub legacy, the problem disappear.

But I really want to use GRUB2 that in developing. Is there anyone could help 
me please?

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