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Grub2 hangs at initrd on Asus machine with UEFI

From: Jamie Kitson
Subject: Grub2 hangs at initrd on Asus machine with UEFI
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 10:10:22 +0000

When booting an Asus UX31E using Grub2 and UEFI the boot hangs during
the initrd stage. With debug=all it ends with the following:

Lib/relocator.c:1223: min_addr = 0x0, max_addr = 0xffffffffffffffff,
target = 0x88800
Lib/relocator.c:433: trying to allocate in 0x0-0xffffffffffffffff
aligned 0x1 size 0x7800
Lib/relocator.c:529: Blocking at 0x897e8000-0xb7a04000

Using legacy BIOS the machine boots ok. The disk boots UEFI ok on a
Thinkpad X220.

I have seen this issue reported regarding Asus machines on forums by
several other people.

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