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Re: "ELF-Symbols" tag for relocatable images

From: Rodrigo Valiña Gutiérrez
Subject: Re: "ELF-Symbols" tag for relocatable images
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2017 16:43:35 +0100

>> They also may not match if virtual address != physical address, but as
>> we do not establish any address translation when launching image, this
>> probably is going to fail. Still would be good to have this assumption
>> explicitly listed in multiboot2 manual.
> I think that we should state in multiboot2 spec that physical address ==
> virtual address in ELF.

That may be true (that is going to fail) for entry point address, but
please note that many kernels have the entry point and bootstrap code
in a section/segment with virtual == physical, but then setup address
translation and jump to another sections/segments with virtual !=
physical addresses.

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