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Re: co-maintainer for GRUB legacy for GNU GRUB

From: armando barra
Subject: Re: co-maintainer for GRUB legacy for GNU GRUB
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2017 22:24:16 -0300

Oh, sorry i know't their information, my really intention for this software is just wanted the way to colaborate in also gnu project, i'm a young computer scientists from Tarapaca University (www.uta.cl) in Chile, if yours need a colaborate from a little city in nort of this country, It would be a pleasure work for us and a great project like gnu.

28.04.2017 21:23, armando barra пишет:
> Hello, my name is Armando Barra, i'am from Chile, and i'am a computer
> scitist from University of Tarapa, i interesitng in give support to a GNU.

GRUB legacy is not really updated since long time. Do you have any
specific needs to revive it?

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