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Boot error

From: Felix Pizarro
Subject: Boot error
Date: Fri, 26 May 2017 09:58:21 +0200

First of all to thank for the work done by the GNU

Second, request patience, because I am Spanish and my English is not very good

The problem I have is quite strange:

I have installed a GNU-LINUX distribution on an external hard drive, specifically AVL Linux (Audio-Video Distribution)

The system boot with grub2, installed in the MBR, without boot partition.

On an HP Compaq 8000 Elite computer, everything works fine.

However, when I try to boot into another computer, an Acer Aspire M3640 , does not start, giving the error : file ` /boot/i386-pc/normal.md ยด not found and giving me access to the GRUB console

When entering the GRUB console and doing ls, it detects all the hard drives, 3 internal and 1 external.

The external hard disk names it as hd0

Doing an ls to the external disk, in which I have the system that I want to boot, shows me all the directories it contains :

./ ../ lost+found/ bin/ boot/ dev/ etc/ home/ lib/ lib64 media/ mnt/ opt/ proc/ root/ sbin/ share/ srv/ sys/ tmp/ usr/ var/

But doing ls to the various directories some shows me its content and others do not.

Specifically access to lost+found/ home/ media/ mnt/ proc/ root/ sbin/ srv/

And does not access to bin/ boot/ dev/ etc/ lib/ opt/ share/ sys/ tmp/ usr/ var/

These directories display them empty without the ./ or ../ files.

I understand that it does not start because it does not have access to /boot/

I do not know the reason , I discard corruption in the software since in the other computer everything works well.

I do not know in depth the steps that GRUB does to boot, as I have read, problems can arise with the identification of the different BIOS of the devices, but I think that is not the case because doing ls shows all the hard disks

There seems to be some conflict of access permissions, but I do not know how they work in this environment.

I appreciate any suggestions for finding a solution.

A greeting


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