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I can't extract the info from multiboo2

From: smith
Subject: I can't extract the info from multiboo2
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2020 14:53:15 +0800
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Er,hello.I'm a student,I'm using grub2 to complete my homework about building an OS.

I have read your multiboot2 spec,and I know that the multiboot info's pointer will be placed at EBX register.

So,at the beginning of my kernel,I reserved some space for the pointer,at the head of the kernel.

As the pic:

When the kernel is running,it will use the address:

It print the value at the MBI

The rest of the code is the one showed on your official site:

Then things happened,when I use qemu to run it:

I've been trapped here for 4 days,I don't know how to solve it,is there anything about really big wrong in my code?Or just the pointer is not right?

Appreciate to you if you can reply.I'm really new on the OS development

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