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GRUB: *.gmo are not loaded at boot

From: Tomohiro 'Tomo-p' KATO
Subject: GRUB: *.gmo are not loaded at boot
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2021 17:28:57 +0900
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  GRUB failed to load the message catalog at boot if /boot is an individual

  The message catalogs is loaded from the hard-coded path (/boot/grub[2]/locale)
 in grub.cfg but the path should be /grub[2]/locale on such environments.

  The attached patch fixes this problem.


  _/_/  Tomohiro "Tomo-p" KATO  <tomop@teamgedoh.net>
 _/_/  Team Gedoh Network  http://www.teamgedoh.net/
_/_/  Key fingerprint: 3347 89D9 5B87 29E6 33A2  30C1 B12F A313 30C4 13F0

Attachment: grub-2.06-fix-localedir.patch
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