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[bug #55288] Freezes at Countdown 10 when USB Keyboard Attached

From: Frederik Schack
Subject: [bug #55288] Freezes at Countdown 10 when USB Keyboard Attached
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2021 10:21:00 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #55288 (project grub):

I just downloaded XCP-NG and it freezes at the GNU GRUB.

I have a small server with only USB 3.0.

When I disconnect the keyboard, there's no problem booting and I can reconnect
the keyboard and it works.

[comment #1 comment #1:]
> Hello Grub Devs!
> Thanks for mighty fine job you are doing with this project!
> Would love to buy you guys and girls beer, if you ever come to Dublin,
Ireland - feel free to email me about that beer or other beverage of your
> With that said, I have a bug I would like to report. And before I describe
it, I would like to point out, there are a few bug that are just like mine.
All of those I strongly suspect are related.
> There is this one, then that those ones:
> https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?47636
> https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?37470
> I suspect it's to do with how grub handles USB3 host with USB2 devices.
> I have USB3 external switch.(TP-Link UH720 USB 3.0 Hub)
> But I believe I have had this issue when i just connected keyboard to my
USB3 port on mother board.(for extra power)
> HyperX is the keyboard(has 2 usb cables one for extra guice for extra USB
slot on it and for nice shiny keys on the actual keyboard).
> long story short, everything but grub works.
> Bios has no issues. Once I pass by grub, Linux kernel has no issues and
Windows on different laptop has no issues with hub and keyboard.(hence why I
got it, i got 6 ports used up, more than laptop has, plus i change hub between
home pc and work PC, so i can reuse my nice
> I can do extra tests to isolate issue to either hub or to keyboard (I have
second keyboard somewhere in the house).
> And I suspect its USB1.1 or 2 or whatever the hell it is, with USB3 host
> Grub reliably hangs the moment count down and rest of non graphic interface
is visible. I got non graphical mode.
> sys-boot/grub
>       Latest version available: 2.04-r1
>       Latest version installed: 2.04-r1
> Gentoo with
> Linux dimkosPC 5.6.3 #2 SMP PREEMPT Fri Apr 17 20:30:44 IST 2020 x86_64 AMD
Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core Processor AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux
> I did trick, once POST finished i switch off hub, grub continues, i switch
on host and all works, once kernel started booting.
> when tried to get lsusb -vv i get this a few times:
>  can't get device qualifier: Resource temporarily unavailable
> I suspect its due to external usb3 hub
> I am not lazy and would do physical troubleshooting, as its easiest one, but
feeling sickly.
> (file #49138, file #49139)


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