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Re: [bug-gsrc] manual out of date on website; what the world needs; auto

From: Brandon Invergo
Subject: Re: [bug-gsrc] manual out of date on website; what the world needs; automatic updates
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2016 10:30:31 +0000

On Sun, 2016-03-20 at 23:50 -0700, carl hansen wrote:
> On http://www.gnu.org/software/gsrc/manual/ we see
> "last updated October 07, 2013"

Ah damn, looks like I forgot to update that...multiple times. :/  Thanks
for catching it.

> How can we set up a cron job that checks the texi files in the
> repository for modification time and , if needed, automatically
> creates up-to-date manuals, online and other formats. I am willing to
> work on this if I knew what's on which server. I already have an
> account on fencepost. And i know my way around a crontab.
> Help save world, remove incorrect information.

In Savannah, you have access to the web page sources (go to the Source
Code menu at the top and then "Use CVS", instructions are there for
checking out the web page sources; committing changes automatically
generates the new pages).  The manual is generated from the gendocs.sh
script in gnulib.  So it's a matter of running that script, directing
the output to the webpage repository check-out and committing those

Anyway, I can do it tonight when I get home from work.


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