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[bug-gsrc] libxmi now compiles

From: carl hansen
Subject: [bug-gsrc] libxmi now compiles
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 00:35:21 -0800

While building libxmi it was said:
-e [pre-everything] libxmi is known not to build correctly on some systems.
-e See TODO for more information.
-e If you would like to try building it anyway, use the 'FORCE_BUILD=y' option.
-e If the build succeeds or if you find a process to fix it, please send an
-e email with a patch to address@hidden !

I fixed it. All it took was add "USE_AUTORECONF=y"
on x86_64. Other platforms, I don't know.

FYI, if you care.

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